Engineering Nonstop.

Sunflame’s products are equipped by marine vessels worldwide.
As a leader in rotary cup burners and combustion technology,
we contribute to the global maritime industry with our innovative solutions
built on decades of experience.



“Think first, to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations.”



    Decades of experience and
    trust since 1968

    Originally founded as an oil fuel burner maintenance company, our expertise in manufacturing is rooted in years of experience in machinery troubleshooting. Our products have been adopted by ships globally for their reliability.



    A leader in rotary cup burner technology

    As the representative of our combustion technology, the rotary cup burner is an indispensable component of our auxiliary boiler burners and incinerators. It is capable of stable combustion regardless of fuel viscosity. Furthermore, its practicality and simple structure have been highly regarded by our clients.



    The synergy between
    our hardware and software

    The marine industry today faces new challenges due to environmental regulations, complex machineries and a new generation of the digital age. We provide flexible solutions for various needs, made possible by the integrated approach of our hardware and software.



Sunflame manufactures burners for auxiliary burners and incinerators, both of which are equipped with rotary cup burners.

Auxiliary Boiler Burners and Marine Incinerators

After-Sales Service

Our origin as a maintenance company inspires us to continue providing quality long after product delivery. It is in our essence to not only repair, but to keep on providing extended support for our users.

After-sales Support