GVU (Gas Valve Unit)


GVU (Gas Valve Unit)

Supply and control gas fuels safely

GVU (Gas Valve Unit)

What is a GVU?

The GVU (Gas Valve Unit) is an integrated unit designed to supply and control gas fuels such as LNGs, consisting of fuel supply pipes, control valves and safety devices.

The GVU can supply fuel to Sunflame's DF burner and GCU as well as other gas fuel-driven devices. It is generally larger in size than the conventional liquid fuel supply systems because it handles gas fuel, which has a lower energy density than liquid fuel. Nonetheless, Sunflame's GVU is designed to take up the least space possible.。

  • Valve Check Feature

    Equipped with valve check feature; automatically checks for integrity of each valve and immediately alerts users of gas leakage location.

  • Available in Single or Double Casing

    Can be designed with single or double layered casing to enable use in engine or gas rooms.

  • Customizable for Engines

    Can be designed for engine use.


  • 01Compact Design

    Designed and manufactured in-house, allowing for highest efficiency in piping design.

  • 02Stable Supply of Gas Fuel

    Gas fuel is supplied with fixed pressure; uses both compression and control valves rather than just the latter.

  • 03Simplified
    Connection to External Equipment

    Can be connected to external devices using EtherCAT cables or traditional signal wires.

  • 04Designed for Efficiency

    Strainer can be cleaned with ease through flap window installed onto outer casing.