A visual guide to Sunflame's manufacturing process

Factory Map

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制御パネル検査室 溶接作業場(バーナ製造場) 焼却炉組み立て場 焼却炉テスト場 キャスター場 バーナ検査場 バーナ組み立て場 バーナ燃焼テスト場 出荷準備・出荷場

01Refractory Shop

High-quality refractory materials are prepared and applied here. The material composition and moisture content is blended according to climate such as humidity and temperature. The refractory is then applied onto the inside walls of incinerator furnaces and burner tiles.

02Welding Shop

Welding is a process that is representative of the manufacturing industry. Here, burner and incinerator components are welded precisely by the hands of professional craftsmen.

03Burner Assembly Shop

After welding and painting are completed, the auxiliary boiler burners are assembled into their final forms. Wiring, piping and various equipment are assembled with precision. This is an important process which determines burner quality.

Assembly Shop

After the welding and painting are completed, burners, exhaust gas fans and control panels are assembled into furnaces with precision. It is an important process which determines incinerator quality.

05Panel Inspection Shop

Control panels for burners are tested here using simulators. This procedure reinforces our products' usability and stability by checking for malfunctions, which is important as equipment control systems continue to become more complex than ever.

06Burner Performance Inspection Shop

The combustion system is inspected here; FO control valve and other equipment is tested to ensure performance. The performance data that is recorded during this procedure is also used to confirm machine performance after product delivery.

07Incinerator Combustion Testing Shop

The refractory is dried here while the incinerator's performance and control system are inspected. The drying process evaporates the moisture remaining in the refractory, which effectively prevents initial refractory defectives.

08Product Shipping

Finished products are shipped out of the factory after quality inspection and packing. The products' shipping conditions are recorded as data, and then are shipped to our clients by our trusted shipping agents.

09Burner Combustion
Test Facility

Our combustion testing facility is equipped with a combustion test furnace with a thermography and other equipment to perform and analyze burner combustion. Our engineers conduct testing regularly for product development and improvement.