A visual guide to Sunflame's office building

01Sunflame Core

Located in the center of the second floor, the "Sunflame Core" is a meeting space dedicated to co-creation. It is a common area where our most heated debates take place. By removing the walls around the meeting area, company meetings became more open and facilitated the dissemination of new ideas.

Building Automation

The appliances in our office building are automated for energy conservation and comfort. Using our burner control technology that we have cultivated over the years, we have automated illumination, air ventilation, window blinds, and more. For example, the exhaust window and air conditioning are controlled using signals from environment sensors such as precipitation, humidity, temperature, and wind direction. Most of the automated appliances can also be controlled using an app, which was also developed in-house.

02Sales Department

The Sales Department is divided into the following teams: Newbuilding Team, Existing Vessel Team, and IT Team. The two former teams are responsible for communicating with shipowners or managers and shipyards regarding our combustion equipment, and marine product distributors for replacement parts sales. They also assist with technical inquiries and troubleshooting. The IT team is responsible for the development and maintenance of our product management app, and the development of IoT products and services.

03General Affairs Department

Sunflame's operation as a company is supported by the General Affairs Department. They perform accounting work and human relations and are responsible for assisting guests upon their arrival.

Sunflame Office: North Side

The Design Department and the Manufacturing Department are situated on the northern side of the office building. On the northern wall of the department areas is a large window that provides a view within the factory and its manufacturing process. On the eastern side of the same area is a large window that looks out towards the lawn-covered veranda; the pleasant view is often the source of great inspiration.

04Design Department

The Design Department develops and designs new hardware and develops their software in an integrated manner. Not only they make improvements on existing products, but they also develop and test new products according to the needs of our clients and international maritime regulations. Aside from ship related designs, the department actively creates prototypes of in-house inventions.

05Manufacturing Department

The Manufacturing Department is responsible for purchasing materials for the manufacturing process, keeping inventory, the actual production of the machines and their shipping process. Based on the drawings by the Design Department, the Purchase Team procures the materials, which are then used by the Manufacturing Department to be assembled into our products. They are always active in optimizing material procurement as well as product development.

06Refreshments Corner

The Refreshments Corner is a wholesome break area with a view of the lush veranda and the green mountains of Kyoto. It is mainly used for short breaks between work, and as a quiet workspace or for relaxed meetings. Casual conversation in this break area has inspired great ideas from time to time.

07Meeting Room

The main Meeting Room is regularly used for meetings with visitors or for seminars. The lighting, window blinds and the projector are controlled automatically to set the scene for the occasion. The trees and the lawn outside the building become part of the room through the wide glass windows.

08Fitness Gym

The fitness gym encourages an active lifestyle for all the employees. The weight training equipment and treadmills provide great source of refreshment for the body and mind whether it be before or after work. Another popular recreation is to use an exercise app along with the equipment, and even projecting it onto the wall for an enhanced experience.


Most employees gather for a meal in the cafeteria during lunchtime. It is a spacious area with a pleasant view of the greenery outside.

10Recreational Area

The tatami space on the first floor and the terrace outside are often used during break or after work for socializing among employees and with our guests. The simple yet sophisticated design is perfect for casual exchanges with our guests and engineers who visit our company for business or for training at the factory.

11Main Entrance

When guests arrive at the main entrance, a guidance message is projected onto the floor using the "facial recognition system". On rainy days, the umbrella holder that is stored in the wall reveals itself when the environment sensors detect precipitation, then stores and dries the guests' umbrellas during their stay.